From Lois J. Thomasson
Fleetwind Irish Wolfhounds

          It was the sixties, and we starred at one another from

under the protective wings of our mother hens, I with Mrs. Starbuck

and he with Dorothy Ellis.  From that moment on I became the

Girl from California, and he, the Boy from Ireland.  Through the

passing years, even being a world apart, we each were aware

of what the other was doing, until a half-century later when at

last the circumstances made it possible for the bloodlines of

Killykeen and Fleetwind to meet.

          My friend and I began our journey together, he in Ireland

and I in California, both mentored by some of the breed's great

authorities, directly connected to Graham.  We were lucky and we

knew it, and he always tried to give back by sharing his knowledge

so generously.  Those of us who knew him were swept along by his

passion for the Irish Wolfhound, and we are left far poorer by his passing.

To those who would paid tribute to his memory, breed the old type

hunting dog of Graham's Standard.....he did, and we can do no less.

                                                                Lois J. Thomasson